Why Odds are Better at Online Casinos

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Almost everything is possible in the Internet, otherwise known as the virtual world. With the right software, you do almost anything or be anybody in virtual reality. The Internet is like a parallel world whose bounds and borders are limited only by man’s imagination. It has become the venue of the virtual workplace where teleworkers render their jobs from the comfort of their homes thousands of miles away. And, it has become the site of online casinos where people from all over the globe play their favorite games from the privacy of their bedrooms.

Because of their huge popularity, online casinos are popping up across the virtual landscape and have become a multi-billion dollar industry. To play their favorite casino games, people no longer have to take that long drive or fly across the Atlantic just to sate their craving to throw that dice. At the click of their mouse, they are instantly transported to an online casino located half-way around the world and pit their poker skills against players from different countries.

The advantages of online casinos over their land based counterparts are fairly obvious, like convenience, comfort, affordability, accessibility—and hygiene, for some. But there is one distinct advantage that perhaps, very few people have noticed and appreciated—that the wide variety of games available in online casinos has great odds of winning and that their payout percentages are more frequently much higher than the swanky, glitzy land based casinos of Las Vegas. If you find this baffling, the logic is quite simple. Land based casinos, invest billions of dollars in acquiring and developing prime property, purchase of equipment and game machines, furniture and furnishings, maintenance and labor costs, real estate taxes and payment for phone, power and water billings, etc. Casinos are businesses and must make a profit to survive. And, these profits they get by offering lower payout percentages to the gaming public and providing a higher house advantage for the casino.

In sharp contrast, the capital requirement and overhead expenses of online casinos are miniscule compared with that of their land based counterparts. As a result, online casinos realize higher operating profits. And, a portion of that they share with the gaming public in terms of providing higher odds and payout percentages in casino games and a lower house advantage for the casino. Moreover, online casinos also deposit and no deposit bonuses that allows new players to play and wager with casino money as part of their marketing strategy. So, before you log-in on your favorite online poker or blackjack, take several practice sessions to hone your skills because you know that you have a higher chance of winning the game.

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