The Legality of Gambling

Gambling Experience

I have come across many articles on the internet which debate the legality of gambling. While some approve of legalizing gambling, others protest against it.
Protesters argue that gambling results in broken homes, debts and destroyed careers. They also say that gambling thrives on people who are desperate, thus gambling snatches money away from people who need it most. Instead of using the money for basic necessities, people hope to win in gambling games, so they place their money there. They say that instead of hard work, the masses have resorted to gambling for easy big money.

In my opinion, what we do with our own money is our own business. Nobody has any right to say that we are wasting our money on bad or wrong things, such as gambling. Remember that the idea of bad, or right and wrong is still relative. What could be wrong for you, may be right for me. Because of this, I do not think protesters have the right to say that it is wrong to spend money on gambling, that the money should go somewhere else. What they fail to understand is that gambling is like any other industry. It is a business where you have to invest something. Whether it is a good or bad investment, the protesters should never generalize. After all, there are people who have already received profits of their investment in gambling. Unbelievable? Think of Annie Duke, Doyle Brunson and Phil Helmuth. Did they not become millionaires because of poker? It just depends on how wise and responsible you are. It does not mean that if you legalize gambling that you will allow everyone even the innocent kids to play. That is why legalized gambling is prohibited to people 17 years old and below, because gambling requires maturity.

Another point is that gambling has proven to be a good source of funds for nations and for organizations. It has also helped give jobs to people by employing them as casino personnel, for example. It has helped many places with regards of tourism, just think of Las Vegas. You cannot deny that gambling has clicked so much that is why people come towards it. My take on this is that why stop gambling when it gives so much in return? Why not use it as an advantage? I think we people must learn to see opportunities and grab them while we can. Gambling offers a lot of opportunities, why shut it down?

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