Getting Smart Over Casinos

Casino Night

Win some, lose some. That’s a hard fact in casinos. But often, casinos win most of the time—they have no choice, they have to stay in business. But there are ways to get smart and identify the few chances for a gambling win and exploit them. This will even up the score or get the player on a certain edge in winning in casinos.

There are casino games that give slimmer chances for gamblers. If winning in gambling is the aim, one has better play less of these games, or avoid them altogether. Passive games like slots, roulette, keno, bingo, and others make one more fate-dependent than a strategist. Choose games that enable players to interact lively, not just by cheering and shouting wishes for winning in casinos, but to apply educated hunches, analysis skills, and strategy. Active games like backgammon, poker, or blackjack allow for these things and place the bettor on a realistic advantage.

Poker is good. Aside from being a game of strategy, smart hunches, and analysis, it pits players against players, and not so much against the house. This gives one a better shot at winning in casinos. Just have some luck to play on a table with unskilled novices and chances are multiplied for winning in gambling. Watch out, though, for the “grinders” who make a career out of poker. If one gets to sit on a table full of them, there go the chances for winning in casinos.

The thing is to be able to assess the whole situation and the other players and decide accordingly. With passive games, any attempt at assessment can only lead to either a wild or educated guess, at best. And guesses are not enough if the goal is winning in gambling.

And how about blackjack? Watchful eyes and keen analysis make for good poker sessions. If one is good at bluffing—more so in ensuring that the face doesn’t betray one’s intentions—card counting can be an advantage in winning in casinos. It’s not cheating, really, but most casinos forbid it. But with an elusive face that betrays no card counting intention or whatever strategy one has in mind, then go for it. One technique here is to practice peripheral seeing without moving the eyeballs.

The trick for winning in gambling is to know what and where the advantages are. Go where the advantages for winning in gambling outnumber the chances for losing.

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