Gambling and Superstitions

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While gambling, we frequently find ourselves looking for some subtle signs that could help us in deciding on our next bet. For instance, whenever we play roulette and someone in red blouse is next to us, we tend to place a bet on red. Meanwhile, if one is experiencing good luck in playing Blackjack and there happens to be a dealer who is not friendly, one will consider it as a sign that he has to transfer to another table since my luck seems not to function there. Indeed, myth and superstition play a role in gambling. A lot of people have actually succumb to myth and superstition in gambling. Some mainly depend on these superstitious acts and consider these as the deciding factors on their winnings and losses. Undeniably, superstitions seem to dominate, in some cases, the players of gambling. People might just be not conscious that they have actually depended on these myths.

From the usual practice of blowing on the dice before rolling them, up to the unusual habit of bringing a toenail from a horned toad, a lot of gamblers actually consider that these irrational acts could truly affect their bets and luck in gambling. It is despite of the fact that the acts have no direct correlation in gambling. It is undeniable that there are a lot of gambler who opt to follow a set of superstitious beliefs. There are a list of beliefs that gamblers have followed maybe once or even more in gambling:

-Carrying a horseshoe. -Bringing a rabbit’s foot. -Bringing a clover with four leaves. -Bringing a lucky charm. -Wearing an item of clothing believed to be lucky. -Blowing the dice before having them rolled. -Getting well dressed. -Crossing fingers. -Wearing a red shirt. -Stacking the gambling chips in orderly. -Bringing a dog near the gambling table. -Walking under a ladder. -Seeing a cat crossing your path. -Breaking a mirror. -Wearing black shirt.

While we know that most of us have actually followed a superstitious belief once or more, when speaking of gambling, it would seem practical if the gambler would just study the techniques and strategies of playing that in following a lot of superstitions in playing. It is simply because these myths would not give you any assurance that you could win the gamble or not. Although we know that there is really no assurance that one would consistently win a gamble, it would be wiser to depend on things that are actually correlated with the game itself. And definitely, following the above stated myths and superstitions make no assurance at all. After all, gambling in itself gives us no assurance at all. We just have to careful of giving bets sans the myths and superstitions that might even put our bets at risk.

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